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Taking an online course is the fresh approach to learning. With lower costs than traditional courses and with the flexibility of being able to learn on from a remote location at a time that is convenient for you, online courses are fast becoming a popular way to study.

Institutions have jumped into this head on, so now you can get a certified qualification from a top institution, with all of the support and resource of the University without having to ever visit campus or even complete the course from abroad.

ON/COURSE offers a variety of online courses suitable for undergraduates, professionals or foreign students so whatever your next step in education, chances are we have the online course that will help you take it.

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The MSc International Business is the ultimate guide on how to secure and thrive in a rewarding senior level job

he MSc Marketing is specifically designed for those passionate about developing or furthering their career path in the exciting and booming marketing sector.

Available as an online course or via traditional campus study. A MSc Finance course is aimed at aiding career progression in the lucrative world of finance.

An Online MBA is an excellent option for any professional seeking to improve their business skill set, nous and career.

This MA will develop your expertise to prosper in a managerial role in the international fashion retail and luxury sector.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can ON/COURSE help?

ON/COURSE work with a selection of the leading online educators in the UK and Europe. Our aim is to help you succeed through education, we believe that with the right course you can get moving in you desired career.

You can use ON/COURSE in a variety of ways, we offer information on some of teh most often considered courses to help you make a decision, but you can also find a course that is the best fit for you by completing an application form and letting our team match you with an institution or course that fits your criteria.

Why choose online study?

The advantages to online study are clear, the costs as far lower than traditional study and there is a far greater level of flexibility available to you also. Online study allows you to study whatever your geographical location, so there is no need to relocate, what's more it offers you the flexibility of when to work, so you can maintain a work life and family life while you study ready for you to take the next step once your course is complete.

Are there any disadvantages to online study?

Whilst online study is developing day by day there are still some inevitable drawbacks. Firstly there will be a greater emphasis on your ability to be self motivated. Many of the modules you complete will involve self learning so you will need to be disciplined in your study to get the most out of your course.

Secondly you will be missing out on the opportunity to experience student life. For many moving to another country or city is a key factor in their desire to study and if this is a key factor for you, it is probably best you look at the courses not listed under online.