In this section of ON/COURSE you can learn more about the high quality courses available from some of the top UK Universities. If you are interested in studying online you will also find some helpful information here and a list of available courses.

Deciding on what course is right for you can be difficult, so keep an eye out for our videos where we talk to students, graduates and industry professionals who talk us through their experiences and what factors are important to them when selecting a course.

If you are interested in learning any more about any of the courses listed, simply complete the form and we will be able to match you to institutions that are available to you.

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The courses are for non-native English speakers who are looking to improve their language skills for personal, educational or business purposes.


The MBA is one of the most highly regarded business qualifications in the world today and recognised in almost every country.

Available as an online course or via traditional campus study. A MSc Finance course is aimed at aiding career progression in the lucrative world of finance.

A Postgraduate Certificate is an excellent transition course into the world of finance. This short course traditionally spans over 12 weeks and can be completed on campus or online.

This MA will develop your expertise to prosper in a managerial role in the international fashion retail and luxury sector.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a course?

ON/COURSE offers you information on a variety of topics that you may want to study. Take your time to look through all the courses available and when you are ready to take the next step simply complete the application form.

This is non committal step, at this stage we will search for a course that fits all of the information you have provided us with, from start date to level of study. If you are happy with your options then we will connect you with the relevant course.

Where shall I study?

There are two paths that you can take, online or campus study. Our advice is to take a thorough look at the options available to you before making any decision. Selecting the education provider is one of the biggest decisions that you can make in this step. You should take a variety of factors into consideration.

For many cost is most important, whilst for others attending an institution with prestige is the decisive factor. Whatever your decision is based on, ON/COURSE have tried to gather knowledge from institutions, students and professionals to ensure you are able to assess all the options before making your decision.

When can I start?

This depends largely on the course you chose. Online courses often have enrollment all year round, but some campus courses will have strict application date you will need to adhere to.

ON/COURSE aims to go beyond simply providing information, we want to help you get enrolled, so you every applicant will speak to a member of the team to make sure you stand the best chance to get on the course that works for you best.

Are there courses for professional development?

ON/COURSE offers a wide variety of courses, and this includes courses specifically aimed at professionals seeking to get ahead in their career. This includes courses on accountancy, finance, business, tax, marketing and IT. What's more these courses are offered on a variety of levels so from aspiring business graduates to experienced professionals there will be a professional course to help speed up your career,