Who are we?

At ONCOURSE we help people improve their life opportunities through education. We partner with leading institutions across the UK to offer a variety of courses, both on campus and also online. Our partnerships mean we are able to find you a course, institution and location that best fits not only what you want right now, but with your career prospects in mind too.

Our site is a hub of information to help you decide what course is best for your aims in life.

We work hard to get you opinion and advice from industry professionals to make sure whatever your decision, you are well informed to make it. On this site you can read information to help you make your decision, from looking at University profile pages, reading course information to watching videos from leading professionals. So when you are ready to request more information for a particular course, speak to a specialist or even apply to a university, you know where to turn.

Meet The Team

Daniel Tobin


Dan has been instrumental in the development of ON/COURSE. With established relationships with UK universities and institutions further afield, Dan aims to make ON/COURSE the number one resource for anyone looking to better their life through education.

Hamish Lawson

International Business Development

Over the past year Hamish has been working to develop relationships with some of the top institutions around the UK and abroad. Hamish was born with the entrepreneurial spirit. At the age of 26 he successfully crowd sourced funds to start a eco friendly mens underwear brand! His enthusiasm, creativity and humour make him a popular member of the ON/COURSE team.

Danielle Sheerin

UK Business Development

Danielle joins the ON/COURSE team after working for a number of UK Higher Education institutes bringing an interest and passion for supporting their international ambitions. She can mostly be found exploring the cultural side of London and on a weekend is usually wandering round a museum or seeking out the best coffee shop.

Alex Vasili

Content Manager

Alex is a graduate of Loughborough University. A keen gym enthusiast Alex tries to stay as active as possible playing nearly every sport under the sun through the year. He also enjoys writing and his claim to fame is that he was a published poet at the tender age of nine.

Grace Garland

Head of Press

Grace went to Newcastle University, and is our resident social media guru. If it's not one sort of tweet, it's another, as she also loves to go bird spotting and can often be found on the South Wales coast or the Yorkshire moors with her binoculars and boots. Otherwise, she'll be putting her English Literature Masters to questionable use, gorging on fictional kings and dragons.

Ed Beardsell

Head of Marketing

Ed graduated from Lancaster University with an MA in Marketing and puts the myriad of skills he honed at uni to good use as ON/COURSE's Marketing Manager.
This cheeky Scouser loves nothing more than roaming round London enjoying the abundance of live music available as well as sampling some of the capitals finest real ales.

Ian Hitge

Head of Design

Ian is a designer hailing from Johannesburg, with over 12 years experience. He is a keen cricketer and motorcycle enthusiast. On weekends you might bump into him at a London blues bar or backstreet burger joint.

Kris Van Sebroeck

Senior Developer

Hailing from Sao Paulo Brazil Kris is an experienced and talented web developer. Ever the perfectionist Kris is on a mission to find the best coffee in London. Should you miss her in the coffee shop Kris is also a keen swimmer and quietly also rather keen of a steak and ale pie.

Matthew Roberts

Head of Video Production

Matthew split his time growing up between the snowy tundra of Alaska and the outskirts of London. Holding a degree in Media Arts from the University of Montana, he spends his free time producing short films, as well as playing squash and basketball.

How does it work?

Course Info

Get the latest information to help you decide what course is the best next step for you.

Worldwide Partners

Connect with multiple institutions around the world. Get more information, apply directly or simply browse through.

Professional Advice

Hear from people who have been in your position in the past. The decisions they made and what lessons they learnt.

Step Ahead

Professional courses, from online to campus to help you take the next step in your career, with the option that is most convenient to you.

Get Qualified

A variety of courses, from Masters to short courses can all be obtained by starting your journey with ON/COURSE.

Free Guides

To help you whatever stage you are in your education journey. From breaking down the application process to you, to helping you get through your first weeks and how to network.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can ON/COURSE help?

ON/COURSE provides information and resource to help you make the best decision when choosing your next step in education. We believe that through education you can create the life that you want.

We help a variety of learners, from first time undergraduates, overseas students to professionals looking for a short course or a Masters and MBA. We provide insight into what your course selection will help you with in the long term as well as what you can expect while learning.

We partner with institutions across the UK and Europe, and through ON/COURSE you can find out more information about specific courses available, request a callback, or even apply.

How do I pick the right career path?

There are many factors that go into deciding what the best path for you is. At ON/COURSE we do our best to ensure that we provide you with the most comprehensive advice. For us this means speaking to graduates, professionals, educators and students.

Our unique position within these groups means with ON/COURSE you can hear from the people that know, before you jump in.

Deciding on your career path is never going to be easy, but we believe that making the right decision at this stage is imperative to shaping your path to success, however you measure it.

Is online study worth it?

In short, yes. The previous stigma associated to online study has been surpassed, in 2014 the majority of the world's top institutions offer an online option for many of their courses. This means that you can now find a credible online course that offers you the flexibility of where and when you study.

In addition the cost of online study can be substantially less than a traditional course, so if you're looking to ensure you get value, in addition to knowledge, then an online course is well worth considering.

When can I start a course?

Each course will have it’s own enrollment dates. If you find a course that interests you, simply complete the relevant form and we will find you a course that fits your ideal start date. Most online courses can be joined throughout the year, but some campus earning will have tight application dates.